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Subtle Signs of Fascial Restrictions

"I'm not in pain, why do I need MFR?"

Pain may be one of the primary causes that my clients seek out Myofascial Release (MFR) treatment. If pain isn't your problem, and you don't want it to be, you might consider some of the more subtle signs of restriction. Fortunately, the body often gives us clues before pain sets in (unless an acute injury is at play). Here are some signs that your body could benefit from MFR therapy:


Acne. Yes. Acne can be a sign of fascial restriction. When fascia gets restricted, it becomes difficult for the body to excrete and remove waste. This surface level reaction to restriction is a good example of those waste products being retained. Several of my clients have reported positive skin images with reduced or elimated acne as an additional benefit to myofascial release treatment.


Maybe you aren't in pain, but boy are you stiff when you begin to wake up in the morning. Your joints don't quite have the range of motion they once felt. Those fingers don't quite move over the piano keys as fast as they once did. Stiffness is often a sign of fascial restriction. Many times, the fascial restriction is both surrounding the stiff joint and it connects to other areas of the body. \

Cramps, Bloating, Abdominal Ache

Fascial restriction can interrupt peristalsis (intestinal muscle movement), proper menstrual flow and complete elimination, both of solid and liquid waste. Muscles are not able to effectively contract and relax when fascial restrictions are present. Baring that no other medical complications or medicines are contributing to these symptoms, your body likely will benefit from myofascial release and mfr self-care to restore the contraction and relaxation functions that make these processes possible for the body.

The good news? Myofascial release with a trained professional can get you started on your healing journey, there's a lot of self-treatment you can do and it's actually really easy to self-treat.

If you have questions regarding the symptoms your body is experiencing and whether or not those may be related to fascial restriction, contact me directly at (678) 262-8843. I look forward to helping you achieve peak performance through fascial freedom.

The advice given regarding fascial restrictions and potentially related symptoms does not replace diagnosis, guidance or advice from your physician.

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