Myofascial Release = Relief

I help humans and horses realize their peak performance potential through the gentle therapy of Myofascial Release.  This treatment provides a gentle decompression of the mind, body and soul.  Further, it helps to relieve pain, stiffness and feeling "stuck."  I help clients to postpone, avoid and/or recover from heavy medications, uncomfortable injections and unwanted procedures.*

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Over 200 Hours of Continuing Education Completed

170+ Hours of Specialized Instruction in Myofascial Release 


Ongoing Continuing Education in Trauma Awareness and Embodiment Training


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Pain Free

Lisa Yam

"Alex works magic! I don’t remember when I was last COMPLETELY pain-free. I felt euphoric after my session. I was able to move so free and stand so much straighter, without restrictions fighting me in my hip, neck, and shoulders. Regular sessions will be a must."

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