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Exciting News: Office Location Change to Canton, GA

We're thankful for the lovely ladies of the Posture Project in Woodstock, Ga for giving us our start in the two-legged MFR world (aka working on humans instead of horses).  It's time for Peak Performance to establish a new foundation in our own space.  Starting May 1, you'll be able to find Peak Performance Therapy at the Century Building in Downtown Canton, Ga at 270 East Main Street Suite E, Canton GA 30114

Myofascial Release = Relief

I help humans and horses realize their peak performance potential through the gentle therapy of Myofascial Release.  This treatment provides a gentle decompression of the mind, body and soul.  Further, it helps to relieve pain, stiffness and feeling "stuck."  I help clients to postpone, avoid and/or recover from heavy medications, uncomfortable injections and unwanted procedures.*

Headshot of Alex LaPierre, long reddish brown hair, green eyes, calm, confident and centered demeanor

Over 300 Hours of Continuing Education Completed

National Certification Board for Therapeautic Massage and Bodywork Seal of Certification
Demonstration of client side-lying on massage table wearing comfortable athletic clothing and receiving a gentle arm pull to open fascial restrictions that could cause shoulder pain, upper back pain or even hip pain
Demonstration of client seating receiving myofascial release treatment to the neck while therapist gently holds the head in the opposite direction to stimulate a pain relieving stretch
Client lying face upward on the massage table recieving gentle traction of the neck and head in combination with a gentle compression of the sternum area of the chest to ease restriction in the neck and chest
Myofascial release treatment of a horse who is reaching around with its head, eyes closed, almost hugging massage therapist Alex LaPierre in appreciation

(Physician Approved)

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