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Q: Do you take Insurance?

You may be able to obtain insurance reimbursement for your

myofascial release massage therapy, but it is your responsibility

to do so.  Click here for detailed instructions on how to begin

the process.


Sessions are private pay with payment due at time of service

to ensure that you receive the personalized attention you

deserve without consideration of the limitations that insurance

reimbursement can impose on therapy


I accept cash, check, venmo, and all major

credit/debit cards processed through Square.  You may also

consider paying for your session with an FSA or HSA card.

I am currently in the process of looking into accepting

Care Credit.  Clients will be informed if/when this payment

form is accepted.

Q:  What happens in the first session?

All sessions are conducted one-on-one in a private

treatment space.  A thorough medical history and 

assessment is taken followed by hands on treatment. 

Finally, clients are left with self-treatment strategies

to help speed the healing process.

If you want to enhance your experience, please read

"The Patient's Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your

MFR Sessions" by my mentor, Heather Hammell, LMT,

MFR Expert Therapist and The MFR Coach.

Q: Where will my session/ my horse's session take place?

For Horse & Rider combined bookings,

it is the client's responsibility to provide

a distraction free 10 x 10 ft minimum space for

sessions conducted on the client's property, unless

other arrangements are made prior to treatment.

Q: What do I need for my first treatment?

Human Sessions: clients should bring or where loose-fitting comfortable clothing to allow for proper assessment and accessibility for therapeutic techniques.  Recommended examples for ladies are a sports bra/tank top and gym shorts or a two-piece bathing suit.  Men can also where loose fitting t-shirts and gym shorts.

Horse Sessions: Clean, dry horse and an open shaded work area is preferred.

Q: How many Sessions will I/ my horse need?

Healing varies from person to person, horse to horse.  Most clients see great benefit from on-boarding more therapy up-front (a few times per week, then every other week or so) then tapering down to a maintenance schedule (usually monthly).  

Most clients achieve symptomatic relief within 1-3 sessions.

Finding the root cause of your symptoms may take longer, but it will offer longer lasting results.  Intensive treatment packages and monthly memberships for discounted treatment are available.

Q:  Will my/my horse's entire body be treated?

Yes. Trauma, injury and stress all contribute to dysfunction both where the pain or discomfort is felt and in other areas of the body where restriction may exist without pain.  Myofascial release sessions are unique to each individual.  As an MFR Therapist, I often start where the symptom is and look elsewhere for the cause.

Example 1: Someone with knee pain may have restrictions in their hips and shoulders that must be alleviated for complete healing.

Example 2: A horse with an inability to pick up the correct canter lead may have a restriction in the poll or the thoracic sling that compromises his/her ability to bend properly and strike off with the correct hind.

Ultimately, I will not know of your/your horse's unique restrictions and what you/your horse needs until we work together.

Q: What conditions/ diagnoses can MFR help with?

Back Pain, Chronic Pain, Knee Pain, Fibromyalgia, Painful and compromising scars such as Cesarean Section Scars, Headaches/Migraines, Frozen Shoulder, Sciatic, Scoliosis, Whiplash and much more here.

Q: Is this a form of Physical Therapy?

Results from MFR often make clients feel stronger and more capable.  As a LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist),  I specialize in JFB MFR.  JFB MFR is pioneered by John F. Barnes, PT.  John made it all the way through physical therapy school and was still in so much pain and dysfunction following treatment with traditional physical therapy models that he was holding his clients up with one arm and his own back with another.  Traditional models of physical therapy could not ameliorate his pain and dysfunction from a former athletic injury.  John began working with the fascial system and discovered the mind-body connection to fascial release work.  The unique, being-centered approach of MFR creates an environment for total mind-body healing.

Q: Can I fill out paperwork ahead of time?  What are your cancellation policies?

Yes!  Please review, print, fill out and bring with you:

Client policies and Credit Card Authorization

PHI Form


An image of a generic myofascial release therpist with hands gently placed on a face down client.  Smaller image of the web-like appearance of fascia as seen under the skin

Click on the pictures above and below to learn more about

Image of me, Alex LaPierre, with a seated client offering one hand gently on the forhead and one hand gently on her neck to give the client a gentle backward fascia release of the neck.  Both of us are wearing masks as this image was taken during covid precaution times.

Myofascial Release = Relief

I help humans and horses realize their peak performance potential through the gentle therapy of Myofascial Release.  This treatment provides a gentle decompression of the mind, body and soul.  Further, it helps to relieve pain, stiffness and feeling "stuck."  I help clients to postpone, avoid and/or recover from heavy medications, uncomfortable injections and unwanted procedures.*

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