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Myofascial Release = Relief

I help humans and horses realize their peak performance potential through the gentle therapy of Myofascial Release.  This treatment provides a gentle decompression of the mind, body and soul.  Further, it helps to relieve pain, stiffness and feeling "stuck."  I help clients to postpone, avoid and/or recover from heavy medications, uncomfortable injections and unwanted procedures.*

Rates/Book Now

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You come to Peak Performance

Peak Performance Therapy is now offering

human only MFR sessions at

The Posture Project

303 Hickory Ridge Trail #170, Woodstock, GA 30188

$175 per Hour

Discount Packages and Memberships Available



Peak Performance Comes to You


Mobile Sessions are conducted on your property.  Unobstructed, undisturbed spaces are required for human bookings.  Horses are generally worked in open areas like barn aisles or even quiet arenas.

$300 per session (Trip Fee Included)

*Multiple Session Discounts Available with Prior Discussion







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